Silver + Partners is an independent creative agency. We all did time at big agencies with big initials and big clients, but we wanted something different. We found the initials on the door led to complacency. Instead, we chose independence. We chose each other. We chose to embrace a word not often associated with big agencies: Relentless.

Relentless Precision: We think and re-think every strategy so the idea does what it should.
Relentless Drive: We never stop short of great work that is both unexpected and true.
Relentless Simplicity: We keep things simple and smart. Fewer layers allow us to move fast.
Relentless Honesty: We’re awfully nice but you’ll never hear us “yes” you or “BS” you.
Relentless Equality: We are a gathering of contemporaries where clients, partners, vendors and employees all work as one.

From what we do to how we do it, we are persistent. Unyielding. Nonstop. Never-ending.
(We will probably re-write this tomorrow.)